Sunday, August 13, 2006


gosh.. i'm back.. after so long.. my laziness strikes back.. i'm too lazy to do every single thing.. including watching anime and also clearing up my hard disk to install warcraft.. somebody help me to get out of my lousy habit pls.. rewards available upon request.. haha..

holiday's around the corner.. i cant wait for it.. it's SHOPPING TIME.. cant wait.. somebody take me out pls.. but only when i'm free.. haha.. and u must provide transport for me plus lunch plus tea break for me.. fyi, i eat alot.. so u know what to do lo hor..

i'm getting addicted to maple AGAIN.. i just can stop playing it.. somebody save me, plsss..

finals is coming SOON.. september something.. i think it's 14 sept.. it's just too soon.. how on earth are we suppose to memorize the whole book for all the subjects.. walaoeh.. u think our brain very powerful izzit.. u think our brain is 76GB hard disk ar.. walao.. argh.. i hate exams..

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