Thursday, May 25, 2006

the world's most annoying teacher

well, today was the last day of our exam.. we had PJ and EST 2 today.. PJ is another crappy paper.. hantam every single thing.. LOL.. and i drooled on my test paper again.. LOL.. this time quite big patch.. haha.. EST was ok.. all objective what.. of course ok lar.. can tembak again.. hehe..

after recess, guess who came to relieve our class.. walao.. that Siti fella came in.. that super annoying teacher.. she's here to buat hal again.. everytime also come and cari pasal with us wan lo.. as if we owe her money liddat.. walao.. as us, she EXPECT us to wish "good morning" to her again.. with her FULL NAME.. walao.. that day, Zu Wern said "good morning, puan Siti".. guess what she said.. "MY NAME IS PUAN SITI MAZNAH.. kalau kamu tak ucap dengan nama penuh saya, itu bukan orang penuh saya.." something liddat lar.. i didn't bother to remember it also.. ok, back to today's complain about her.. as usual, she will take the duster and hit the whiteboard.. knocking and knocking it.. ish.. it's so LOUD and ANNOYING.. sound pollution.. worse than us talking.. she can't sit still you know.. she must walk around the class and cari pasal with us wan lar.. one day don't cari pasal with us cannot wan lar.. it's like her daily routine ler..

then she began her i-am-the-prefect-of-this-class-so-i'm-gonna-write-your-name-down work.. she took a piece of PAPER and a PENCIL.. and walked around the class.. trying to peep our name tags.. what's with her man.. that's like the most childish things a teacher would do.. let her write lar.. to satisfy her i'm-the-prefect-of-this-class mood.. and then she came.. and we argued with her..

siti fella: group kamu sangat bising lar.. perlahankan suara..
us : kami mana ada bising.. group belakang lagi bising lar.. kami sedang bicang tentang hari kantin larrrr..
siti fella: i know u all sedang bicang.. but jangan jerit jerit semua..
us : walao.. kami mana ada jerit.. cakap sahaja larrr.. group belakang sangat noisy, kenapa tak tegur mereka?
siti fella: nantila saya tegur mereka.. kalau kamu buat bising lagi, saya tulis nama kamu..
us : [ignore her, continue to talk]

then cheryl came.. to sapu our place.. of course i must push away my chair wan mar, so i kick my chair lar.. and the chair terkena her A BIT.. who ask her to stand there when people wanna bertugas.. so busy body.. guess what she said..

siti fella: wah, sekarang tunjuk sikap-sikap gengster kamu ke? saya tulis nama kamu dan bagi kepada kaunselor baru tahu..
me : [completely ignoring her.. doing my own stuffs.. she's like talking to the wall.. LOL]

this teacher is just so annoying.. i can't stand her anymore.. why can't she sleep during the relieve? exam time we need her to jaga us, and she fell asleep.. now, we don't need her at all, she's walking around the class cari-ing pasal with us.. what her problem man.. ish.. i don't want her to relieve our class anymore.. so childish.. so annoying.. so 'bo kang cho' wan.. ish.. cannot stand her anymore..

why must she be our relieve teacher? why?


Grace said...


siti siti go away
don't ever come back ever again..!!

I wonder whether she use that i'm-the-prefect tactic on her grandchildren also..! swt man.

But what to do, she used to be a primary school teacher what, so her mentality is a little 'childish'

Jason said...

Some teachers just dont cut it la. They're better off being admin staff. No need see students, no need talk.

JoZilla said...

ish.. cannnot stand her.. guess what she did in school today..

all the teachers must be iring-ed out by the monitors and prefects.. so, the siti fella came out.. nobody cheered for her.. she syok sendiri waving her hand all.. as if lar people cheering for her liddat.. perasan case man..

seryoung said...

don't add fuel to the fire. learn to tolerate such people or just ignore them. its hard, but its good training for your character. just like how sometimes i tolerate you. hahaha.

JoZilla said...

i'm ignoring her.. she's the one who come and cari pasal with THE WHOLE CLASS.. talk abit also kenot..

Grace said...

WAT????!!!! She wave her hand?! she think she superstar ar?! stupid fella...!!

hoopjunkie said...

more or less like the Pn. Koh from ACS...

amanda said...

walau eii....! y on earth is there so many 'tis kinda' teacher' la??! agree agree ignore is de ting u shud do..! *life as a student.. haiseh.. =p jus do ur ting gal.. but don get into mess..

beathead said...

my favourite post from you!

that's the great thing about blogs. Get to look back at those times and laugh at yourself rite.

lol you are a big time gangster la