Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's Over Finally!

wee~! exam's finally coming to an end.. tomorrow's my last day of exam.. tomorrow is the crappiest paper lar.. PJ and EST 1.. no need to read anything at all.. so i declare merdeka for myself today.. LOL..

today, we had our Chemistry exam.. the paper was quite ok.. did a few silly mistakes.. overall, that paper was ok.. i just love Chemistry.. i don't know why.. i hate Physics.. but i did quite ok this time.. got an A2 for my Physics.. wee~! finally an A.. after all the strugglings.. Chemistry is just so much easier compared to Physics..

.. i forgotten what i wanna write.. nevermind.. nobody reads anyway.. LOL.. holiday's is coming.. no plans.. stay at home.. boring life i have..

till then la.. jozilla signing off.. RAWR~!

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