Friday, March 17, 2006

If I Could Change the World..

hmm.. if i could change the world.. that's my essay title.. i dont have any isi to write about larr.. monday must pass up already.. >.<
so.. ideas anyone?


Jason said...

Google is your best friend. ;)

JoZilla said...

yay! haha.. can start doing my essay edi.. ahah.. thx..

seryoung said...

if YOU could change the world prolly u'd pass a law that says everyone must go "RAWR" and wave clawed hands around for at least 30 minutes a day. OR, you could consider the fact that there are so many countries still living in poverty, many incurable diseases, illnesses and viruses around that still needs researching, and that researching needs alot of funds, and what about animal rights? there are so many things around the world we could change. just take a peek into the newspaper and current news.

Jason said...

if i could change the world anyhow i like, i'd abolish exams! and void this world of programming languages and all kinds of formulas (maths, physics, chemistry etc.). All these discoveries that supposedly make our lives easier actually contributed to the total opposite!
This is viewed in the eyes of a typical student. =)