Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shelter Ain't Like Home.

I took me a weekend at Cheras to realised that I'm a home person. Can't help but to miss the feeling of being at home. Rotting at home with my TV. Sleeping on my hard as rock bed. Home sweet home. I don't think I want to spend another weekend at Cheras anymore even though I have more freedom compared to when I'm in Klang. What's the use of having all the freedom you can have when your family isn't around you. So yeah.

Pretty busy these days. Oh by the way, if you're free on Thursday (29/7) night, please drop by UCSI for our UCSI Christian Fellowship Musical. I can tell you it's gonna be awesome. If you're a UCSI student and you need ECA points, we'll be giving out 8 points for you guys if you attend this musical. So yeah, Thursday (29/7), 7.30pm at UCSI Uni Multipurpose Hall.

See you there!


Colin g said...

Haha. I heard a lot about Harbour place. Seems klang is getting much and much better. A good cinema place, only rm6 !!

謝佑芝 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................