Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Eye.

Owning a Lumix doesn't make you a photographer.

Same goes to owning a Canon. It doesn't make you a photographer as well.

Owning cameras just simply means you're the owner of the camera. For example, owning a Lumix makes you a Lumix owner. To be a photographer, you need the eye and the experience. Well, experiences, you will eventually gain after some time but the eye.. That's not an easy thing.

Well, I am still searching for that eye. Hopefully one day I'll be able to find it.

PS - Here's a good read: click. :)
PPS - Malacca tomorrow! :))

1 comment:

Nigel Tee said...

No. Owning a camera makes you a photog. As long as you have a camera and you take pictures, you are a photog. The only difference between them is a amateur photog or a pro photog. =)

Cheers! xD