Sunday, January 31, 2010

Imma Wilderness Explorer.

Hello world!

Having a Twitter account makes blogging seems so difficult and makes me so much lazier. I still remember telling a friend of mine some time ago that I still update my blog constantly when I have a Twitter account but I think I was wrong. My blog's dying. =/

Anyways, days have been great. Life in Cheras is less pathetic but still pathetic. Living a life without TV and Astro is just miserable. No American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.. Pathetic much!

Had a 2 days (30th & 31st) trip to the OA settlements and boy, this was an unforgettable one. It's really different from the previous ones. From eating bear meat and softshell turtle meat to bathing at night in the wilderness without any coverings to seeing fireflies for the first time in my life and to sleeping with an orchestra that produced a great piece of music.

The guys who all wanna be botanists in the future. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Drawing fail. Nvmai, try again next time. This time with me in the picture. lul.

Oh, Chinese New Year is drawing close. That means money and Malacca trip are coming soon! And so is Paramore's concert! Excited! Something to look forward to. :)

PS - I love 1st of February! I can has holiday while friends are working and studying. huhu.

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