Monday, December 07, 2009


Christmas/New Year/Chinese New Year/Birthday wishlist.

#1 - I'm not greedy but I want accessories to complete my LX3. The main thing I want is the carrying case. I lost mine in Genting. So fail. Sucha big carry case also can lost. So Lixie is currently homeless in a way. :( Teleconverter lens, polarized filters, external flash; I want all of them!

#2 - A new phone. I want a BB of course but I doubt I will get it anytime now. Get something cheaper to play with first. Any recommendations? Don't tell me S500 can already. Stupid phone with keypad problem!

#3 - Conquer Mount Kinabalu. I really really really really wanna get this checked from my wishlist.

#4 - Before I die, I MUST own at least one Paramore merchandise and attend at least one of their concerts. How to resist? Paramore is so awesome!

#5 - More clothes, shoes and bags. This one no doubt will be checked but it's an ongoing need. So this stays in the list.

#6 - Feed me with more food! :)


Kelvin said...

My only wish is i wanna grow slimmer.
I will be rolling instead of walking soon.

kacangbendy said...

you got a lumix Lx3!?

nice to use ar? btw how much you got it??

*can reply in FB or msn, scared i dun check here!