Friday, December 18, 2009

The Pearl of The Orient.

Ferry ride was like a roller coaster! Loljk.

Hello world!

How was Penang you asked? Okay, nobody's asking but lemme pretend someone is asking okay. Penang was great. Food was even better. Weather was extremely hot. I wish it'll snow in Malaysia. Have yet to see and feel and touch REAL snow. Yeah, emphasizing the word real. Fake snow can easily get it in Genting, from the ais kacang stall or the cheapest way: pieces of polystyrene balls.

I would wanna make another trip here with people who can really eat. There's still so many food I've not tried. Man, making me hungry again.

Fatty bro and I on the way to island. Ferry wheee!

Now faster thank the photographer (me) for making you look thin in this picture!

Berjaya Georgetown. (Doesn't look as good as the picture in their website)

This is the worst Berjaya hotel I've stayed in. Their service wasn't that good and their rooms weren't well-maintained. Anyway, it's free so I shouldn't complain so much.

Pretty Christmas decos and lights at Queensbay Mall.

Yes, mai Momo.

Penang is such a busy city. Morning jam. Lunch time jam. 3.15pm tea time jam. Dinner jam. Night jam. Whole day jam. No life one is it? So yeah, we were on our way to Kek Lok Si temple to eat the oh-so-delicious asam laksa, guess what? Jam again. Well, you can pass time by decreasing the space of your camera's memory card. ;)


I wasn't a fan of asam laksa but THIS converted me into one.

Ang tau peng. The whole thing taste like ordinary ais kacang but that ice-cream is the bomb. Can someone tell me where to get peanut flavoured ice-cream? So delicious!!!

On thing about Penang people, they park cars in a different way from us Selangor people.

See! Power anot you tell me?!

Oh, they have AC in Penang as well.

Dragonball at Gurney Plaza. Majin buu so cute!

Don't ask me why am I at all the malls in Penang. Like what Jethro told me, "Go Penang visit all the malls. Supposed to eat kao kao right.." or something like that. I wish I could eat kao kao too.

Weld Quay Seafood Restaurant also known as dai shue thau (big tree head? LOL)

Now you know why it's called dai shue thau.

Basically you just go in the shop, pick what you want to eat, they cook while you sit and wait for them to serve the food. Okay, this sounds like what every restaurants do. Nevermind. The food is great. Price is affordable as well.

Spotted this HUGE ship/cruise/water transport. Looks so grand man!

Batu Ferringhi at night. Crowded.

Still at Batu Ferringhi.

The Ship at Batu Ferringhi. Really THE ship la this one!

Before we left Penang, we headed over to Lebuh Keng Kwee for ...

.. this stall ..

.. with the rest of the crowd for ..

.. cendol! This is really delicious. Noms!

Okay, end here. More pictures at my Facebook soon. Kthxbai.

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