Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Those Were The Days.

I'm cute and that's a fact you can't deny. And not the ugly but adorable kinda cute okay! That's not in dictionary anymore. Was it in the dictionary in the first place?

This was me when I was much younger. I know righttt. Chubby maximus! As you can see, I started posing for pictures (smiling included) when I was still riding/sleeping/having fun on that pram.

This was me when I was not-so-much younger. Picture was taken in '94 so that means I was 3 here. Didn't know I have such sepet eyes. Thank God it's not that sepet anymore!

The brothers and the princess! When they were much younger and thinner. Oh wait, that doesn't apply to my second bro. He was fat, he is fat and i think he will be fat? Okay, not fat. Just horizontally challenged with some beer belly.

And this was taken 15 years later, year 2009. Brotherhood! Gosh, I miss Redang now! :(

I shall dig back more old pictures! It's gonna be hilarious! Next, I shall find primary school pictures and post up Alison's face! HAHAHA!

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