Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Simplicity; something that's missing in our lives. I think we get carried away by all the gadgets and techy stuff that are being offered to us till we forgotten how it feels like to live a simple life. Whenever there's a power failure, we complain. I know I do, what about you? We tend to complain how small our house is and we have the desire to own a bigger and glam-er looking one.

Visiting the orang asli settlement wakes you up from your dreams and tells you "Hey! This is life!". They survived with the simplest things and yet we complain so much when we are so privilege already. Then again, as humans, we will never be satisfied with the things in our lives. There will always be a longing for more. That's cause we're not home yet. It's not time to sing Switchfoot's This Is Home yet. One day, I'm sure we will all be able to say "I'm home!". :)

#1 - Met Sabrina's cat, Salem. loljk, you think Salem exists meh?

#2 - Kel Vin the emo.

#3 - Edwin the duck.

#4 - Cute little one.

#5 - Do, Re and Mi at the goat farm. This is the only picture with myself in it. Wow indeed.

#6 - Goat eating plant with the 'pek chek' face. Plant so hard to eat ah goat?

#7 - I don't know about you but I think this goat looks like an alien. I know why already. This goat EP! Eye problem!

#8 - Bubble tea anyone? :D

#9 - The not-so-horny goat. Why not-so-horny you asked? Because it has only one horn.

#10 - This dog makes you go 'awwwwww' indeed.

#11 - Lunch time.

#12 - Open the up gates and set me free.

#13 - Maybe it's just me and the strings in the end.

#14 - Colin and himself (the drawing).

#15 - Vampire Colin and his vampire friend. New Moon's new cast? Anyway, the van looked like some honeymoon van from the back thanks to this drawing. Cute!

Woah, 2:58am already! Time to sleep. See you tomorrow afternoon. Yeah, I know I have a screwed up sleeping time. My biological clock spoil already!


Anonymous said...

i want the dog! so cuteeee... :)

Joanne Lee said...

yeahhh, the dog really really cute! wish I could bring it home!