Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Have You Been To Batu Caves?

I can now proudly say that I have been to that place. This post is really overdued. I went to Batu Caves on 22nd of October and now it's 11th of November. Procrastination wins!

The place isn't that bad. We have no idea how many steps were the stairs. Guess who I got to know it from? Tourists. =.= Yeah, I overheard their conversation,

Tourist A: "How many more steps to go?"
Tourist B: "There's 272 steps and we're only half way through."

Yeah, proud to be a Malaysian. I don't even know a single thing about Batu Caves. Lol.

Okay, I lazy upload the pictures one by one so I shall just cram a few into one. Life is so easy with the help of Photoscape. I know I'm very lazy. Eat lazy, rot also lazy. Sometimes sleep also lazy. Helpless I knowww.

Beautiful view. Really.

Spot the difference - Batu Caves version.

The entrance and the bell.

Black and white. :)

On the way up to the top.
MUST-do-list: (1) Strike some poses. (2) Take pictures of people's butts. (3) Take some photos of the steps. (4) Randomly capture some stones.

Adel loves the snake. No, she loves camwhoring more!

Okay, my turn to camwhore!

Gyneth's turn. Yeah, Adel is there again to camwhore with the snake.

This is what you see when you're in the cave. Practically stones everywhere. Well, that's cause it's a cave.

Random shots. Sounds better than camwhoring.
Monkeys are damn horny!

Yeah, lotsa pigeons there. (I heard pigeons cause cancer. Issit true?)

Standing tall.

Cone Pizza. Situated in Selayang Mall. Not your ordinary pizza. By the way, they serve TEMATO in Cone Pizza. Not your ordinary tomato sauce as well.

PS - Fingers crossed and I hope I'll get my license by the end of the year. :)


KwOnG FeI said...

it have been a long time i din visit batu caves though it is near my place..
when driving past batu caves, always see the tall giant statue, but yet to go and see too..

Joanne Lee said...

it's quite a nice place to visit. for tourists. interesting but have to be prepared to sweat cause the weather is so hot. maybe not now, since it always rains nowadays. :)