Sunday, October 04, 2009

When The Full Moon Appears, The Zombies Attack!

First of all,
Happy Mooncake Festival, people. :)

We had our own mooncake cum lantern party last Friday. Fun it was. Imagine all the young adults carrying lanterns and walking around Botanic park. Farney. I was happy with the chicken lantern though I wanted a Barney lantern. Do they even sell Barney lanterns in the first place? Kids nowadays just don't appreciate Barney. They call him gay tho I know he looks kinda gay, but he's Barney; my childhood hero.

Kel Vin has this Ah Beng lantern because the colour of the lights looks very Ah Beng like those mmm zhet mmm zhet cars. The only thing missing is the techno music. Add it in and it'll be perfect! But CJ7 is so annoying. Don't you think so?

Meet Cassandra; my new camwhore partner.

I've been so busy till the moment I eat, shit, sleep I think about lab reports and more lab reports. Short sem is a killer for Science students la. To spice up my life, the lecturer decided to give us another assignment last Friday and expect us to complete it by 12th Oct. The best part is we're supposed to come up with a video - Chemistry in Plain English. Why all my assignments so geeky wan?!!!!11 The last time was blogging about Chemistry, now making a video about Chemistry. We look like geeks meh? Pfft.

Zombie, please eat my brain. :(

PS -Finals in 2 weeks time. Can't wait for my holidays. It's gonna be an awesome one! So many places to go. :D

PPS - Broga Hill anyone? Let's make a trip there.

PPPS - Road trips cum food trips anyone? Let's start planning NOW! :D


kenwooi said...

this year i didnt play with lantern and candles.. =)

Jason said...

broga is nice :P