Friday, August 07, 2009

Somebody Call 911!

Right now, I don't feel like sleeping. I'm feeling very hyped up! I feel like going on road trips just to take photographs and eat! Take anyone or anything also can! Even taking pictures of people's butts also can!! :D

But finals is destroying my plans laaa! Oh well. After finals then.

Time flew like F1 car this week. I came back to Cheras on Sunday and zoom, it's Friday morning now! Getting closer and closer to the World War Week or in BM, it's called the Minggu Perang Dunia. Remember how our high schools used to have all those Minggu Bahasa Melayu and stuffs like that. Yeah, I'm having Minggu Perang Dunia next week. Wanna join in the fun? You'll get to learn about war tactics and strategies.

You know what? Setem turns out to be a pretty good movie. Yes, I actually watched a Malay movie in the cinema. It's really funny! Lawak maximus! Don't asked me why I'm using maximus everytime now. Okay, I'll tell you why. I was obssessed with butts since Tuesday after talking about it. Not kehamsapan okay! So yeah, butt muscle is gluteus maximus and thus, the existence of maximus. Not bad what. Quite catchy! Example: Swtness maximus. Somehow the word 'maximus' gives more effect to the word 'swtness' ah! Okay, I'm talking crap.

Woooh. I still don't feel like sleeping. What should I do now? Call 911?

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