Saturday, August 15, 2009

An Ordinary Evening For Us But Not For Him.

I sent my slippers to a cobbler this afternoon. Went to collect it this evening and found out that there were 2 police officers trying to bring the poor cobbler who looks like a cute clown back to the station. Seriously, I don't find the point of bringing him back. Yes, he's from Indon but he has MyCard. Or some card la. I was listening to their convo and peeping cause I was waiting for my slippers.

Okay, since he's not an illegal immigrant why arrest him? Okay, maybe he doesn't have a proper license for his stall but at least he's not robbing or stealing or adding more crime cases right? At least he's working and earning money with his own hands. Better than those who earn money with their mouth (asking for undertable money). You know who they are. See, this poor guy has to repair 50 shoes in order to earn RM50 while those people will be given RM50 just to keep their mouth shut.

I just don't understand! Seriously I don't! Where is justice? Poor guy. I feel for him. :(

1Malaysia boleh!

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Malaysia Oleh Oleh oleh ==''