Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Aftermath of Exams.

I love dragonfly! :)

On Monday, we brought a stray dog back from the streets because we're good samaritans la. Don't want the DBKL staff to catch the dog and feed it to the tigers. How can you let such a thing happen? Urgh. We would love to adopt the dog la but then it's a bit costly kan? Dog food ain't cheap. So if there's any kind soul out there who love to have a dog, let me know alright?

Black dog with white paws. Cute. :)

Shiny coated hyperactive dog.

Do let your friends know too if they're interested in adopting this dog. You can make a difference just by adopting it. It's a male by the way.

I love the dog la. So hyperactive but The Queen doesn't like the idea. :(( Oh well..

Anyway, this is Jae Sean's son, Samseng. If you're living around the houses nearby UCSI, you'll get to see him and another black dog running around at night chasing after people. They love to chase and stalk people la. It's their hobby. -.- It's not easy to take a picture of them since they're always running around.

I love this picture! Samseng looks hansem here. :D

Okay, enough with the dogs. The next day I went for Nuffnang's Premiere Screening of Orphan with apek. It's a great movie I would say. Not gonna talk much about it. Spoiler nanti you all blame me. I still don't like thrillers though. Urgh. Gives me heart attacks la. I remembered my heart was beating like 9076859432938 per second during the 'peekaboo' scenes. But it's free anyway. Anything that is free, I'll be there. Sounds like a cheapo but yes, I will be there. :D

While having a drink at McD, we did some funny stuff lah. Stalk passerbys. Take random pictures.

Drink Esther. Drink!

Passerby seems thirsty too. Drink passerby. Drink!

Random and mou liu I know. HAHAHAHAHA!

Time to continue my TVB drama! Drama marathon. I like! :D

PS - Remember, if you would love to adopt that cute dog, let me know. :)

PPS - Can't wait for CF camp this Saturday! Awesome it's gonna be.

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