Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Hello world!
Spreading cuteness to the world wide web.

I know the blog has been pretty dead these few months. It's either I became lazier or my life is not happening enough. A bit of both la I think. Oh well.. How's life you asked? (I don't care if you asked or not la, I still wanna tell you) Life's been pretty okay laaa. Ups and downs, but what's life without them? Hmm, my birthday was awesome. It's the time of the year when you realised that there are so many people caring for you by celebrating and remembering you. Then again, I'm a year older. 18 - I suppose it's a good number. A year older, a year hotter. ;)

Alright la. Time for photossssssssszz.

Look Out Point.

Redang was awesome.

The brothers.

Camwhore in the dark with flash. It's the only time I'll look fair. Or more like white.

Mom looks good here. This is my favourite reflection picture for now. :D

We even visited the Crystal Mosque. Not your ordinary mosque you know. This mosque is really really nice.

Being tourists, we have to take picture with everything.

Oh hey, happy birthday to me. A bit retarded looking here but nevermind, it's a once in a year celebration.

Do you know I love caterpillars? Yesh, I do. So squishy and cute. If only caterpillars don't turn into butterflies, I would love to keep them as pets.

This post pretty sums up the whole month of June la. June, the awesome month. ;)

Dedicating 99 roses by Joanne to Alison. Yeah, if you didn't know. I came up with a crappy song. Inspired by 21 guns. HAHAHAHAHAHA...


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