Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Day They Had A Rematch.

What an experience to be IN the stadium watching THEM play. Yes, THEM. The Red Devils. And seeing Federico Macheda on the field was priceless. I was on cloud nine yesterday!

Yes, probably they didn't play with all their strength since it's just a friendly match. But it's good to see them in action doing what they do best - kick the ball. You can't really compare this with all the EPL matches of course! Totally different thing laaaa.

It's a waste LX3 doesn't have great optical zoom. Nevertheless, that little babe of mine managed to capture some nice pictures.

Hmm, what about Malaysia you asked? Some of them played really well. While some are just plain selfish for not passing the ball just because he wants to score again. With this mindset, how can you win laahh? Sighh.

One more thing! How can they allow people to smoke while the match is on? C'mon.. If you want to die fast, go home and lock yourself in the room and smoke laaaaaaa! Do you know that passive smokers die faster? Darn smokers! Think about the children, you brainless freaks!

Urgh. Malaysia boleh!

PS - More photos on Facebook. Soon. Connection is so sucky now! :(

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ven said...

they need to allow people to smoke everywhere so the smokers will buy more cigarettes and the govt can take more taxes.