Friday, June 26, 2009


The day started with me dropping my toner on the floor spilling almost quarter of the content. I thought maybe it's just because I'm careless. When I went for my Java tutorial, my thumbdrive decided to fail me by going cookoo in the computer lab. It's still corrupted now and all my files are inside that idiotic small little thing!


The day got better thanks to all my uni mates! Thanks for the surprise people. Yeah, Mun Yee, you can be an actress already laa!

To Mun Yee, Bee Lay, Shawn, Christine, Nicole, Joseph, Yew Hong, Kai Zhen, Mee May and Ally, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU GUYS! A BIG FAT HUG FOR ALL OF YOU! You guys really made my day. :)) And I love the bag! It's pink! HUHU!

PS - Such a loser to have extra class tomorrow. 3 hours of Java. Loser-o-meter 150%! Pfft.

PPS - And because of the extra class, I can't go for the orang asli mission trip. Yes, I put more priority in serving God, but mom is being unsupportive. So yeah, I guess I'll just listen to my mom. After all, we're supposed to honour our mom and dad right? So yeah...

PPPS - 28th June is coming! HOMGGGGGGG!

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