Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Note.

Blow the candles out
Looks like a solo tonight
I'm beginning to see the light

Candles - Hey Monday

Stuff in my mind right now:
Reports. Reports. HIMYM. Reports. Tenji buffet promotion. Pool. L4D. Reports. Books. Test. Reports. Tenji. HIMYM. Movies. L4D. And more reports.

Things I need right now:
A break. Lumix LX3. A Maxis line. Food. HIMYM Season 4. Hang out with the BFFLs. Money. L4D session with churchies.

This is probably the geekiest moment of my life. For now. More to come. :(

Oh bye.

PS - Burger King is in Klang! HOMGGGG! :D Oh, to those who don't know where exactly it is, it's in Bukit Tinggi 2's new Shell station. ;)

1 comment:

Jason said...

why do u need a maxis line?