Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Mom and Facebook.

This is what happens when your mom has Facebook. She stalks you from home and then she'll post shoutouts like "Study is better than working" to hint you! Yah, then her friend thought she wanted to do post graduate studies all. Farny! LUL.

Oh, then another day, we were all chilling in the living room.

Mom: Eh, your brother's friend quite pretty ah.
Me & Big Bro: Huh? How you know?
Mom: Facebook loh! I saw their BBQ party pictures.
Me & Big Bro: -____-


Elena Lee said...

ahahahah so funny wei!! I should teach my mom to get a facebook account too.. lol.. but she doesn't go online often lah.

SueAnn said...

haha my mom does these things too. lol, she kept asking if my bro had a gf when she saw his facebook pics. >.<

::joanne ng:: said...

ahahha. so funny!

`-MeL-` said...

so cool wan. ur mom got facebook.

Joanne Lee said...

elena: yeah, help her to create an account la. then she can join in the fun. lol.

sueann: LOL! facebook is the best place for them to keep an eye on us weih.

joanne: yeah man.. VERY. joker la my mom. she's so funny at times.

mel: yeah, i created for her wan loh to keep in touch with her friends. mana tau now she using it to stalk us. @_@

Nicole Lim said...

oh my gosh, ur mom is so funny! some parents are like dat... no doubt.. haha..