Thursday, April 30, 2009

Energy Drainer.

When I was on Skype just now, I felt like I was gonna doze off any moment. Actually I did. LOL. Right after I closed it, I became refreshed again. So what now? Skype is an energy drainer? Rightt.... Funnyyyy..

These two days (Tuesday & Wednesday) have been a really good one. Well, I never regretted volunteering to be part of the PITH welcoming team. It was really a great experience. Having to wait for hours for the flights to touch down and also for the delegates to walk out to the departure hall and also to hold the placard for such a long period. No, I'm not complaining. I'm happy in fact to be able to serve the Lord in this area. And of course, new friends were made. Nice and funny people they are. :)

So today's like the officially last day of rotting for me since Friday and Saturday and Sunday will be packed. Oh, time flies. Soon enough, I'll be back in college and living in that new room of mine. I still need to decorate it. IKEA with me anyone?

PS - I'm losing my blogging and camwhoring mojo. Oh noesss.. Doesn't feel like me anymore. I think I'm changing. Am I?

PPS - I have so many things on my 'Things to Buy' list right now. Stuff includes a camera (if possible I need to get it before I leave to Redang), badminton stuff (I don't wanna leech racquets from other people anymore), repair the stupid phone and well, lots more but I can't really remember them right now. Memory is failing me. :(

PPPS - Maybe short looks good on me. Never try, never know.


::joanne ng:: said...

i wanna go IKEA too!

Jason said...

i didnt know got such thing as PPS and PPPS...hahaha. and you're going to redang?!

Joanne Lee said...

joanne: marilah! jom beramai-ramai gi.

jason: now you know lo. hahahahaha. yeah, i going in june. mom's company trip. huhu.

Jason said...

mom's company trip can bring family wan ar?? wah...

Joanne Lee said...

jason: can. mom no need pay but we need to pay abit. lol.