Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Quick One.

I posted a shoutout on Facebook today and it says "I can has a ganas display picture. :D". Few responses I got was "Joanne, it's I have not I has.". HAHA! I'm taking the lolcat language into a whole new level; daily conversations.
A: Wai is it laike dis?
B: I dun noeee.
A: How nao?
Yes, I talk like this nowadays. Not to everyone though. HEHEHE!

Oh, I created a tumblr site. Click here. It's pretty active now but I'm not sure whether it'll be as active as this current blog. But neh, that site is just for nonsense. Not like I'm posting proper stuff here.

I need inspiration to crap for my Business assignment. Come on, Inspy. Come to momma!

Let's go for a movie! I really want to watch Watchmennnnnn. And Slumdog and Changeling. Time is all we need. Sigh.


Jason said...

very naise! :P

Joanne Lee said...

watch without miee!