Thursday, March 26, 2009


What if we are all caged up?
Standing still behind these fences.
Looking beyond it.
But how far can we go?
It feels like a dream. Looks like one too.
Now I wish I'll be sleeping forever.

Just some random thoughts and a random picture I took in camp last year. Found this cool polaroid image maker. Now, you can create one with no hassle.

PS - Everything's changing. Including Facebook. Now Facebook seems like Friendster. With all those quizzes people are taking. "Which Little Miss are you?", "What is your Japanese name?" and all those crap la. And I thought Facebook was cool. :(


Jason said...

yes.. stupid quiz least they're gonna change a little of their interface layout again soon.

Joanne Lee said...

so annoying la. the homepage all flooded with who taking this quiz and all. ish. but still, the quizzes will be there. so annoyingggg!!!!!11

::joanne ng:: said...

yeah!! i don't like the new layout either. I can't kepo kepo who upload and tag in new pics anymore, or who post stuff on other ppl's profiles anymore. pfft.

Joanne Lee said...

yeah man. so mafan now right? and i really hate the quizzes la. so annoying!