Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Face Problem Turkey.

Good day, people. (It is a good day since it's so sunny right now)

I think I'm starting to lose my blogging mojo. Yeah.. Laziness and boring life wins.

So what have been happening around me recently you asked? It's school horidays! But I'm not in school anymore. Yeah, to those who are still in school, stop complaining! You have so many days of horidays compared to me! Speaking of horidays, mine is coming soon yo! So yeah, I'm free to be booked now. You can email me which day you wanna go on a date with me. (Provided you pay for everything. When I said everything, I mean it!)

But school horidays mean a lot to me. School horidays = no Saturday School. Ahh, a relaxing Saturday. :)) That means I'm free to be dated too! Okay la, I was just joking about that. I'm not that desperate laa..

Hmm, I was thinking about driving to uni. What say you? I don't know whether it's more expensive than renting since I've never drove to uni before. Oh, let me get that right. I've never drove before at all since I don't even know how to. I really want to la. I don't mind waking up late, being stucked in jam and etc. I just want to be home. It's like you have your own bed but you don't sleep on it. Feels not right. And nothing beats my hard-like-rock bed in Klang. We shall see how.

Last Saturday, we (King's Kids and Teen Scene) went to A Famosa Safari for a day trip. I felt like a mom that day. Huhu. Early training I supposed? :P

This is probably the FP-est turkey I've ever seen. As FP as Matthew. :)

And to those who didn't understand what the previous post was all about, click to enlarge laa! Look carefully. A test of observancy. Notice the time la. Negative minutes.

I can't wait for my horidays! April. Whee!

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