Thursday, February 05, 2009

Oh, It's Thursday Today.

Okay, I shall reveal the answer now. Before that, here's some of the answers that I got.

Linus: Mammoth
James: Mmmmmmmm-monster moth (HA-HA.. very funny)
Zu Wern: Batman
Michelle: Mammoth
Simon: Behemoth

Kay la. The answer is a mammoth though I think behemoth is bigger than a mammoth. But that's the answer laa. And I thought the riddle was hard. How come you guys get to answer it???! (To Linus: I'll give you the choki choki when I see you. LOL)

And I didn't knew mammoths are extinct creatures until I googled for it just now. HAHA! I've always thought mammoth and walrus are the same. And walruses are not extinct yet, so yeah, that's why I thought mammoths are still alive. If they're alive, we'll probably be dead by now.

Sorry for the dumb blonde moment la kay. It's just a once in a blue moon thing.

Note the similarities.
Rambut sama, muka pun sama.

Thank you for ffk-ing me again. Appreciate it so much. Oh well. It's just SO you. As long as you cheng ngor sek french toast can already laaa. I won the bet remember?

Anyway, to the aunty in Restoran Hexi, thank you for saying "Mau makan apa?" to me. I'm a freaking Chinese yo. Speak to me in Mandarin laaa. Think I don't know how to answer issit?!


I think I should change my name to Siti Joanne. :(

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