Sunday, February 22, 2009


Some happening week I had la. I was happy, sad, excited, stressed up (like really till I don't have enough sleep), disappointed, lazy, etc. Well, semua pun ade laaa!

Day was happening today! I was out the whole day since morning. So much for calling it a weekend right? I think my Saturdays are busier than my weekdays.

Anyway, Michelle flew back to Aussie a few hours ago. Enjoyed the moments we spent together though it's just a few outings. Eh, I still can't believe I hated you in Form 1 like what Zu Wern said. Remember the scissors incident? HAHAHA! Goshhhh! Glad that we're such close buddies now. Till we meet again 9 months later. (Ignore that big pimple on my face please, thank you)

BFFL = Best friends for life! Eh, our hairstyles kinda look the same hor? LOL! Side fringe. Length also about the same. Cool lah! Miss you all loads!

To Grace: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Giant! :D (only Grace and I will understand la this la)

Goodnight people. Goodnight Benjamin. Goodnight Daisy. Goodnight Joanne.

PS - I wanna watch Benjamin Button again. To those who said it's boring, it's not!!

PPS - I'm in love with Lee Hom's new song, Heartbeat (Xin Tiao). Yes you may find it weird that I'm actually listening to a Chinese song but I do listen Lee Hom's and Jay Chou's songs. :D


Jason said...

okay la.. fine. it's not boring. but it's not the kind of movie that i can bear to watch twice.

Joanne Lee said...

jason: come go watch! i belanja you laaaa! hahaha! wait, better not. later you fall asleep horr!

Jason said...

wah u belanja wor.. u belanja then i will go. hahaaha