Monday, February 16, 2009


Everyone's leaving. Michelle's gonna go back to Aussie this Friday and Retna's flying off to India soon.

I wanna fly off somewhere too. To a faraway place.

I wanna stay in New Zealand. That place is such a beauty! And probably I could sit in a zorb ball and roll down the valley everyday. Have a picnic and lie down on the green field. Watch the sunset on the peek of the hill. Sheer some sheep. And breath in high quality air everyday! Ohhh, and camwhore with the breathtaking sceneries too!

Okay, that's only if I have the money. Oh well, I can continue to dream about it.

Anyway, having some mixed feelings now. Should I move or should I not? There are pros and cons for both. I don't know. Can I not choose? :(


Jason said...

move what/where?

Joanne Lee said...

jason: move house. i'm not moving over there already la. cheras house by the way. lol.