Monday, January 12, 2009


I think my fingers are jinxed. Seriously.

Some time ago, I was playing with Jason's Iphone and that noob phone blacked out and it couldn't be switched on after that. Well, somehow he managed to recover it and the phone has LOTS of games now like Wurdle (To Peanut, no you can't and will never beat my high score!). So yeah, that incident wasn't a bad thing afterall.

Last two weeks, Matthew lent me his PSP so I could rot with it during the holidays. No, I didn't spoil the PSP but somehow his charger is not working now. And no, I did not spoil it. Probably he is a lousy owner la.

Coincident no? I don't know la. Maybe it's just coincidence or maybe my fingers are really jinxed.

Oh, I'm good at misplacing handphones and dropping new handphones too. If you're planning to change a new phone but your current one is still looking good and functioning properly, you know who to approach. ;)

And oh, did I told you that my camera is a little bit retarded? Problematic memory cards always giving me the error thingy problem. And my PC is also retarded. Laptop also! Gosh, can't I get away from it?

And behold, this is the current condition of my S500i.

It's pretty bad. Well, they keypads are supposed to crack la. Don't know what lousy material they used for it. But the phone is pretty retarded as well. One of the lights at the side of the phone has gone haywire. Camera also got some problem la. Yellow screen and all. Yes, yellow.

Ah, the wonders of my magical fingers.

Now I'm starting to wonder what happens to the people that I've touched. Hmmm..


Jason said...

what noob phone?!!! my phone is not a noob phone! dowan let u play anymore... blek

english lesson 101: "Matthew borrowed me his PSP" --> wrong. Lent.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

too much smsing lor...hehehehe. when you do get a new phone, do drop me a line so that i can get your old one for free *grins*

lesson : how to unjinx your finger.
answer : chop em off!! :P

Joanne Lee said...

jason: alah. i was just joking you know. so nice to play. :P and thanks for ze correction. lol. i always get confused with borrow and lend. = = lol.

calvin: nolah. some problems with the keypad. i read on the net before. a lot people also facing the same keypad problem. lol. no, i'm not gonna give it for free. :P then i can't sms anymore! or even blog! haha.

yoon said...

i was using s500i previously. it is like tat wan larh. i send my phone for warranty repair twice, after tat it still crack oso. camera cakap jer 2mp, lousy right?
ops, ok, stop complaining. haha..
warranty over ady?

colin.g said...

you've touched me =(

Joanne Lee said...

yoon: yeah. i sent it for repair once also. warranty over already. not planning to repair it cause it cost about 60 bucks. and that's not even the original shop. if it's the sony ericsson shop then i think it'll be 100+ already la. yeah, camera quite sucky la. sigh!

colin.g: HEHEHEHEHE! i wonder what's gonna happen to you. we shall see. :P you should be proud that i've touched you though. no everyone is lucky enough to experience the joanne touch! :P

Colin said...

you know this whole jinx thing was kinda nonsense .. till today just before king's kid .. you jam the laptop -__-" emm.. i dunno what to say d. Haha! oh and btw? what happen to me? I got nose block now.. cough and flu. eheh! na! don't wanna scare you. I mmg was getting sick already =)

Joanne Lee said...

colin: HAHAH! it wasn't THAT bad previously. i actually thought it was nonsense too. but too many techy stuff are spoiling or not functioning well because of me. i guess it's the joanne touch la! what a wonderful and magical touch i have. hahahahaaa.. no, i dont make people sick. i'll probably make them go crazy. :P sick means go sleep!!