Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dung Dung Chiang!

How was your new year?

Mine was hmmm.. okay laaaa! Love the ang pao part but not the visitation part though. The older ones will be storying each other away and we'll just sit there and stare at the TV. And oh, I love the food part too. :D

This year's new year isn't like the previous ones though. Lacking of something. Some Chinese-y feel.

Moving on. This is Caleb. Believe it or not, he took this picture himself with my phone. 8 years old kid already know how to camwhore. And you said I'm a vainpot. (He's cute I know. If he's only 10 years older!)

Anyway, time is passing really fast nowadays! I think I've said that for a couple of times but yes, it's really fast! February's coming and all the tests and midterm papers are coming too! And yet, I have no idea what's happening in class. Oh well..

So yeah, enjoy your new year before it's over. :)


Calvin Soo KJ said...

me cute too mah.....too bad im 15 years older...muahahahaha

Joanne Lee said...

calvin: HAHAHAHA!! you're taken already laaa! this little boy here is still single and available. :D