Friday, January 23, 2009

Here Comes Another New Year.

Don't you see that bigger is better?
And better is bigger?
Ashlee Tisdale (HSM 3) - I Want It All

Did some adjustments and now the blog layout is wider. Looks more spacious to me. Ahh, I'm satisfied with it! :)

With the big festival nearing, everyone's preparing themselves for the CNY mood. Lecturers showing their 'I-don't-wanna-continue-teaching' faces. Shoppers doing their last minute shopping. Some are preparing to go back to their hometowns while some are already back there.

Speaking of hometown, I would love to go back to some kampung. My hometown is Klang itself la! And the furthest I travel to visit my relatives is KL. Fun right? Mom's only taking a day off so I'm sensing some depressing CNY la. I'm not on holiday by the way for the CNY week. Well, few classes are cancelled but Business is still on as usual. Mainly because he's an Indian! (Not being racist here)

So yeah,

Happy Chinese New Year!

Looking forward to the red packets cause I'll be one step closer to own the LX-3!

I shall start looking for a driving school in Cheras. Probably I'll just take it here before my alot-of-time-to-waste sem finishes. To the black Proton Wira sitting on the porch everyday, you're gonna be mine! *hint to the brother again*

PS - Something to add on, Happy is not so happy anymore! They came up with a new plan. New rates. No more 45 minutes call for only 99 cents. I is sad. :(((


beathead said...

new rates sucks wei...

Joanne Lee said...

beathead: yeah! i've got a plan la. call 15 mins then cancel the call and call again. lol. i think that's cheaper compared to their 33sen per min rate. lol.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

may the year of the ox gives you and your family more zest and ummph, much prosperity and good health. cheers and god bless.

Jason said...

well... happy to happy is still 45

Joanne Lee said...

calvin: happy chinese new year! same to you too. year of the ox - good year to take a picture of cows. :D God bless!

jason: tapi tak syok dah lah!