Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bride Wars.

And so I went for Bride War's premier yesterday with Jason. They HAD to have it in Cineleisure la. Some miscommunication happened and we both ended up waiting for each other at two different stations. I was in Bukit Jalil and he was in Sri Petaling. So near yet so far huh? Anyway, LRT is so much better than KTM! The train comes so frequently and it's so much faster compared to Kereta api Taktau Masa.

Mummy, can we shift to somewhere nearby a LRT station? :(

Anywayyyyyyyy, the after-work-jam is really bad la. I wonder how those people can tahan everyday. So lifeless. Even the passengers feel tired, what more the driver! There are so many cars til' they looked like strawberries to me. Strawberry jam. =P

Next time when I graduate, I'll find a job in a less jam area. I think the only option is to work in a kampung. Yah, food factory that manufactures kampung food. I think I'll die there.

Okay, back to the topic. Bride Wars was an enjoying movie. Well, at least to me. Thank you Cinema Online for the tickets and the freebies. They gave us each a small bottle of Manifique by Lancome. Hate the smell though. For now, Burberry Weekend is ze best! :D

I feel like getting married now. Okay not really. But I wanna be the maid of honour la. *hint to my brother*

I wonder how's my wedding gonna be like. I know it's a 10 years or more from now thing, but sometimes it's really nice to fantasize. Garden. Beach. Rock band. Flowers. Ahhh.. Dream on!

Time for class!

Guys, is the lou sang plan on tonight?


Calvin Soo KJ said...

getting married in 10 year or more??? gosh. you really plan to get married so long more ah?? i guess its a norm nowadays. ladies plan to get married is secondary, work is primary. *sigh*

Joanne Lee said...

calvin: hmm, 10 years later i'm only 28. i think that's the right time la. or later. too early not good also. need to work and safe money to buy house and all. before that, i'm planning to go backpacking summore. so yeah, have to do everything before i get married la. :D

[JyE] said...

u noe wat to do? beathead...