Friday, January 16, 2009

I Is A Banana - A Fact That Will Never Change.

Bananas of the world, UNITE!

I really need to buck up on my Mandarin. Seriously! Today a few China students came up to me to ask for the details regarding the DiGi D'Campus plan. They were like "itiuoewroitbadbgrkslsf" and I was just nodding away. I understood what they said la. Don't know how to reply aje.

Teach me Mandarin someone? :(

Anyway, this is Ally and I during breakfast at our usual hang out place, Old Town. They should have new restaurants/cafe/kopitiam near my uni laa. Need something new! And I've just realized that this is my first ever picture with Ally after sooo long! Wow.

I'm starting to love Britney's Womanizer. I remember hating that song so much when the song was first played on the radio. I guess catchy songs will always catch my attention no matter how crappy or meaningless the lyrics are.

Ahh, She & Him is good too. I still think Zooey Deschanel (lead singer of She & Him and the actress who acted as Allison in Yes Man) looks like Katy Perry! Don't you agree with me??

Time to rock with 'The Final Riot'!


Calvin Soo KJ said...

me banana learn from mrs...always kena rotan, and pluck my ears...*sobsob* me no likey mandarin. hehehehehe. teaching alone does not help, you have to converse daily to improve. so does any other language... :)

Kee_Ken said...

The next time you visit Pyramid, we could hit that special clubbing place made just for language-deficient people like us! Go figure :P

Joanne Lee said...

calvin: woah, she rotan you? good for you la. then you mandarin will improve! ;) yeah, my friends are trying to make me speak mandarin everyday la. i think i'm quite ok already la. last time i don't even understand mandarin. now at least i understand but can't speak. in awhile more, i'll be able to speak! cool! :D

kee HAHAHA! you wanna come with me? :P we can go banana together.

[JyE] said...

haha... ask my help.. XD.. my mandirin.. still okay lar.. dun worry. i wont rotan u de.. hehe..

Joanne Lee said...

jye: can also! :D my mandarin seriously tak boleh pakai!