Friday, October 31, 2008

Sheep and cows.

Sometimes it's really hard to fit in. I don't speak their language and they too don't speak mine. It's just like a sheep being surrounded by a herd of cows! Sheep baa, cows moo. Bet they won't understand each other for the rest of their sheepy and cowy lives.

It's not easy to find people who appreciate my lame jokes okay. Anyway, talking about lame jokes, I made up a few today during the outing with the 3 perempuan giler in Pyramid. I really had a goooooood day today and I wanna eat gooooood fooooood. Yes, that's an inner joke. If you happen to see Alison, please ask her where did she cut her hair. :D And if you're in Pyramid, look out for this shop "Pou Dou Dou". Bet you will have a great time laughing at name of the shop. Well, at least I did. :D

I'm actually afraid of Bimbo the cat right now. It disappeared a few times. Yesterday morning and afternoon it disappeared and mysteriously at 7pm, it sat by the door and meowed. When I wanted to feed it, it went missing again. And mind you, it doesn't meow like a normal cat. A really freaky meow. Yah, pontianak cat wei. Gosh, this is why I don't watch horror movies. Am I thinking too much or what? This is what happens when you're home alone. All these freaky thoughts start to wonder in my head. Oh well...

Time to sleep. Goodnight, fellow sheep and cows. :)

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