Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Day In Malacca.

A picture a day cheers up your day. Hey, that rhymes!

Left Klang around 11am and we were stuck in a terrible jam for almost 3 hours. It's all the lifeless KL people's fault. Almost died when I reached Malacca. Died of hunger to be exact. Oh pity the poor little tummy.

This was our first stop.

This was the queue. Some even tried to cut queue. Sigh. Kiasuism.


Walked around Jonker Street after lunch to digest the stuff we ate. The street was packed with all the lifeless KL people. I assume they are from KL since there are lotsa Wilayah and Selangor cars there.

Random people.

Lifeless people.

They call this 'Ting Ting Tong' in Cantonese.

And there's one thing I realised. Those people only crowd around the places with good food. Other streets are just empty. So empty that you will think that it's a haunted street.

It's emptyyyy.

Anyway, after all those boring pictures, here comes the interesting ones. :)))

Camwhoring by the street. LOL.

Mama and I.

The retarded brother and I.

Poh poh and I. :)

And lastlyyyy.. I would like to present to youu..

... my wedding ride!



zilch™ said...

hoe kee is overrated and overcrowded. i rather go to a famosa chicken rice ball, more variety and somewhat cheaper, and less people compared to hoe kee too.

ven said...

beg to differ, famosa's pretty over rated too, should avoid those in Jonker Street area altogether!!

Anyway, this was definitely a very good reason why Malaccans never go Jonker street on the weekends or public holiday.

Joanne Lee said...

zilch: a famosa also quite expensive la. and the queue is seriously long. think it's around hoe kee's crowd. or was it more? can't remember.

ven: yeah, food is Jonker Street is expensive. that's how they earn money. lol. yeah, cause they need to queue up so long just to eat food that they can actually eat everyday without queueing up. lol.