Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Busy + Lazy = Bazy or Lusy or Luzy or Basy?

Hellooooo. Yes, I am still alive. Like duhh.

I've been pretty busy with assignment this week and another assignment came in today. Just when I thought I could enjoy awhile, more assignments came. Oh great. And sometimes I wonder why must I bear all the responsibilities that I don't want to bear. It's just crazy. I mean why is it always me? Why can't it be another person? Urgh.. This is life man. This is life. Pfft.

Anyway, here's another picture to add on to my so called vain photos collection. HAHA!

Oh it's 11.40pm. Time to sleep! And yes, I mean it this time. I am really going to bed.

By the way, UCSI is a university now and they increased the fees. Zomggg.. I think I wanna stop studying and be a housewife right now.


Eu-Gene said...

So who's gonna hire you as a housewife? I think you gotta wait some long while more! Hahahaha

fangyi said...

wah reallly ar. then i donwan to go dy. haha

Joanne Lee said...

eu-gene: i'll hire myself first la of course. don't need to be a married woman to be a housewife right? :D

fangyi: alahhh, come lah! the more the merrier kan?? hmm, but it's a uni now. standard higher kan? :D