Friday, September 12, 2008

Yearbook Craze.

Now you can imagine me without the chubby cheeks.

The hairstyle's not too bad afterall. LOL. But I'm a blondie here. Looks retarded.

Ermm.. No comments.

Hai! Nama I Mak Cik Joanne.

Try it yourself here. =]


Elena Lee said...

hahahaha! so cool! should post up the afro wan lah... wanna see! hahaha..

Joanne Lee said...

elena lee: yeah! kinda addictive too. i did that but it was very very funny. i'll post it up later. hahahaha.

Elena Lee said...

ahahahahah!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!! LOL!!!!

Eu-Gene said...

I think.. your original face is better!

Joanne Lee said...

elena: looks weird la. HAHA. the hair is too big for me. hahaha.

eugene: sure? the 4 pictures not nice? hahaha.