Saturday, August 23, 2008

Went all the way to SAGC for Unplugged but in the end we ended up sitting in front of a projected screen watching the bands play. Clapping along with the audience upstairs but actually we were just clapping at the projected screen. You tell me how sad and pathetic it is to be sitting down there. It's as though we were the outcasts. :((

Like what KelSern said, "It's as though we fly all the way to England to watch the football match live but in the end we watch the match on the screen in England." Oh well, it's over.

Anyway, Teen Scene outing was fun. Can see that the youths enjoyed themselves and they got to spend some time with each other. Bukit Cahaya is kinda dead though. Mushroom Garden it seems. All I saw was fake mutated mushroom statues and not real mushrooms. The lake was dirty. As dirty as the Klang River. If you've never seen the Klang River, you should make a trip there. The best river ever!

Meet the dirty lake.

Scenery was nice though. Bus service was kinda bad. But we did enjoyed walking for at least 15 minutes down the hill. Exercise okayy. :P But yeah, it was seriously a tiring day.

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