Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Wonder Why.

Sometimes I wonder what's the point of getting 10As in SPM when scholarships are not offered to me. Instead, they're offered to those whose SPM results are worse than mine and also to those who fake their annual income.

It's unfair don't you think?

Well, I believe God will provide me my needs. Instead of getting frustrated over this, I should just leave all my worries unto God.

I cast all my cares upon you
I lay all of my burdens
Down at your feet
And anytime I don't know
What to do
I will cast all my cares upon you

On the other hand, maybe I should just flee to Singapore. Perhaps they will appreciate me and offer me a scholarship. =P


beathead said...

hey... don't give up. God will show a way. :)

YewChong said...

i was only offered 1k from Taylor's, &&& that's it. sigh, we are miserable people, Jo.

Joanne Lee said...

beathead: yeap. i'm not gonna appeal. just wanna complain. make full use of my rights. haha. yeah, i'm sure He will. :D

yewchong: well, at least you got 1k. i got nothing at all. yeah, high 5.

Jason said...

i got a fren who had 13As.. she got JPA full scholarship to study in US..then need to be bonded to some government agency when she finish studies...for 10 years! u know how long is that??!! 10 years wei.. it's like.. the future belongs to the government liao.. no hope.

Joanne Lee said...

jason: 10 years is madness. that's why i wanna go singapore. 2-3 years bond only. i dont mind loh staying in singapore. can earn more. come back here can shop more!!! :D but seriously lah, i think UCSI is very unfair. i rather go form 6 lah liddat. at least i'm sure that i will be offered a scholarship. sigh.

Jason said...

aiya they unfair what can u do? tough luck lo.. in malaysian education the word "unfair" is quite common liao. So dont worry la k. As stated in Matthew 6:27 - Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?
Chill~ :D