Thursday, April 03, 2008

How Stupid Can Joanne Be.

On a not-sunny-at-all midnight, Joanne went blog hopping after prolific-ing for quite some time and she blog hopped to her friend, CalvinYong's blog. She read about his post about JPA. So, she decided to go to the JPA website to check out about it. She clicked and typed in her IC Number.

That's when she discovered this...

Click to enlarge.

When she found out about it, she went around WTH-ing because she didn't know that the applicants have to check the results online. She thought they will either email her or give her a call. Since she didn't receive any calls from them for the whole week, so she assumed that she didn't get it. She even proudly told her friends that they didn't call her for interview. And her caring friends just said okay.

Oh yeah, here's the proof that she got in. No, not some universities. I mean the interview.

Click to enlarge.

Actually, Joanne can still make it for the interview cause the interview is tomorrow. But.. She applied for QS as in Quantity Surverying. I don't know why she was so stupid to choose QS in the first place. She should have just clicked on Pharmacy when she applied for it. She thought that her chances of getting it is very little since she only got 6A1s and if she was to be compared to those hebat people who got 10A1s and above, she will not stand a chance at all . So, she played a fool with the form and chose QS instead of Pharmacy. And now they told her that she got to go for the interview. How silly can Joanne be? *smacks head*

And again, I'm gonna ask this question to Joanne,
Joanne! Why you so dumb?!!

Anyways... After WTH-ing and talking for soooooo longgg...

Joanne decided that she will not to go for the interview!


Thanks for reading this nonsensical post.
Goodnight. And sweet dreams.
Please dream of this stupid Joanne.
Thank you and bye.


YewChong said...

i more stupid, wokayyy, i FORGOTTEN to apply for JPA all together >.<

Joanne Lee said...

yewchong: haha. that makes us the same lah. cause now i'm forfeiting it. how dumb can i be la.