Monday, March 10, 2008

Random Shots.

Here are some random photos.

Freaky blue Celcom woman in The Spring, Kuching.

The Spring - Kuching's new mall.

So many Barneys. Me likeyy.

My ever-so-cute cousin, Damian.

The humongous lollipops. I think Chupa Chups wants us to get diabetes. Sigh.

Killer wei this photo. Some unknown fella conteng-ed her teeth.
Lesson to learn from this picture: Never show your teeth when smiling!

Joanne, Alison and Sue Ying at Italiannes.


PrinceWilliam said...


kitmeng said...

the lady there ate too much Chupa-Chups, i think.. lol

Joanne Lee said...

princewilliam: why you laugh at SueYing? haha.

kitmeng: HAHAHHAHA. yeah. black chupa chups. XD

Akinol said...

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Joanne Lee said...

akinol: hi. please do not spam. thank you and bye.

beathead said...

hmm you enable that word check thing on your comments la. can prevent spam

Joanne Lee said...

beathead: ohh. really? okay. i shall do that then. haha. thankss. =]