Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Okay. So here it is. The replies. =]

Kee Ken
  1. Wonderful writer and brother bear!
  2. Go around and tell this to some strangers when you're out, "Hello! I am Brother Bear!"
  3. Brown
  4. You're a great leader and also.. A WONDERFUL WRITER!
  5. First: I cannot remember. Should be on the RBS Orientation Night la.
    Clearest: When you wore that Wonderful Writer T-shirt. LOL.
  6. Bearrrrr!!
  7. Do you like Brother Bear? The movie I mean. LOL.
Sue Ann
  1. A sweet looking and hot girl who likes to camwhore!
  2. Camwhore with a stranger when you're out shopping at a mall.
  3. Blue.
  4. Your cheerfulness and your 'act sad' pose.
  5. First: I sat beside you during the RBS Orientation Night. That's when I discovered you're a left-handed too!
    Clearest: When we started camwhoring together! LOL.
  6. Puppy
  7. If you're given a chance, will you bungee jump?
  1. The guy who sleeps anytime, anywhere.
  2. While you're driving, hon at a stranger and wave at them.
  3. Red.
  4. Your blurness and blur look.
  5. First: When we all went to Times Square together. That's the day you talked to me for the first time right?
    Clearest: I dunno wor. LOL.
  6. Panda
  7. Shogun when la? I'm waitingggg! =]
  1. Mr I-am-so-hot-and-I-have-a-nice-body! 8.5 ah. HAHAHA.
  2. Go around telling strangers this when you're out at the mall.
    "Hello. My name is Matthew. I am hot and I have a nice body. Kthxbai."
  3. Orange
  4. Your friendliness and hyperness. But now you old already, not so hyper anymore. HAHA.
  5. First: Before we left for the first C.A.C, my mummy said this to you. "Take care of my daughter ah. She's very naughty." HAHAHA.
    Clearest: When we got to know each other better in C.A.C la.
  6. Barney. XD
  7. When you gonna become 9?
  1. Bubbly and fun-sized girl who likes to say "YAH!"
  2. Do the 'Japanese-exercising-while-learning-English' thingy in public.
  3. Blue
  4. First: The first day of RBS when you told me that you read my blog while you were blog hopping.
    Clearest: When you stood up to share with your YAHs. I miss hearing them. =/
  5. Your happy happy, fun fun, bubbly character.
  6. Kitten
  7. Will you sky dive if you're given a chance?
  1. Typical Chinese emo boy.
  2. Camwhore with houses and trees.
  3. Green
  4. Your drumming skills, your lame jokes and your potatoman.
  5. First: When you stood up during sharing with your 'James. James. James. James. James.' nametag.
    Clearest: When we were in the same mission team.
  6. Bunny.
  7. Why do you like checkered pants so much ah?
Whay Ying
  1. Pretty and hot girl. Whay Whay!
  2. Go to some strangers in your college and tell them you love them.
  3. Pink.
  4. Your hairstyle.
  5. First: When we were in the same ushering team for Klang's Interschool Rally 2007.
    Clearest: Same as the above.
  6. Chick.
  7. Do you love me? Lmao.
  1. Pukul nasiiii. Darling kesayanganku.
  2. Wave at a stranger when you're out shopping at a mall.
  3. Pink.
  4. Your gila-ness and your passion for camwhoring.
  5. First: When I met you in church during TeenScene.
    Clearest: Same as the above.
  6. Pig. HAHAHA.
  7. Will you marry me? =3
  1. Short Not so short, small matured boy
  2. Say 'Hi' to everyone in school.
  3. Purple.
  4. Your maturity.
  5. First: When we went for the combined camp in Fraser's Hill last December.
    Clearest: Same as the above.
  6. Owl.
  7. What's your ambition?


kitmeng said...

hey! do one for me too!

Joanne Lee said...

kitmeng: okay. sure. will add it later.

Hoong Lyn said...

when i read jason's 7 December 2004 post, i laugh my ass off wei..."quiet...maybe shy?" hahahahahah

peanuts said...

Weird.. I thought I had left a comment on that previous post!

Jason said...

Hoong Lyn: WOW u can track back to that post in 2004!

Jozilla: wei... why everyone got clearest memory but i dont have? so sad u cannot remember me =[

Joanne Lee said...

hoonglyn: i WAS shy and quiet last time what. hahaha. now different story la. lol.

peanuts: haha. okaylah. i'll do one for you la. hehe.

jason: because i put the link there mah. so she can track back loh. lol. erhh.. cause i cannot remember mah. sorry loh. XD

Hoong Lyn said...

jason, i think you should blog about the present Jozilla...eager to read...=) i'm sure u hv lots to say about her...

Jozilla, yea you was but now you ARE talkative and thick skin right? haha

peanuts said...

shy? shy????

Joanne Lee said...

hoonglyn: now talkative la. but sometimes shy also la. XD not that thick yet la. haha.

peanuts: yes. shy shy. that was last time la. haha.

noobshit™ said...

wahhhh.. joanne really trace how jason first talked to her.. wahhh.. this proves how FREE joanne is now...

Joanne Lee said...

noobshit: jason told me about it before ma. so i roughly can remember about the post. so i went and find it lah. haha. and yes, i AM very free now. lol.