Monday, February 04, 2008


Yes. I know. My tagboard is flooded with messages. So yes, I'm gonna reply them here lah. I don't want to flood my own tagboard lah.

Jason: Yes. I call myself a bimbo. Hahaha! XD
jiachyi: I was just exaggerating lah. My memory card 2GB only lah. Where can take so many pictures? LOL.
mabel: Helllloooooooooo! Yeah, I miss moron too. =[ Yesss! Very happy. I miss you too. =]
ivancks: Haha. That's the purpose lah. Too make everyone emo! Haha. Why? Jealous ar you? XD
leongeng: Issit? Haha. That's his favourite spot I guess. LOL.
ys: Haha. Yeapp. Go out with him lah. Wait, you don't miss me? =[
kitmeng: Don't know what? Because that's the best picture lah. I love it so much. So bimbo-ish.
grace: Yeapp. Long already. It's been a year since I've last cut my hair. Haha.
colin.G: Yealah. Ivan jealous. Haha. XD YESS! Nilai!!!! Kelso is always retarded lah. I mean he likes to do all those retarded faces. Haha. Yes. I stayed there. And yeah, I saw the card your team gave to Belinda last year in her room. Hehe.
kitmeng: Haha. Yeah. I visited it yesterday. Haha.
leongeng: Okay 0kay. I'll show you everything. Wait. Only those that are nice. Hehe.
Kee Ken: I like lah. Very nice weii. Photoshop already not nice lor. Haha.
Dave: HEYY! How are you?
beat: Thanks, honey! Muaxxx!
LooSin: Hey. How are you? Long time no see weii. Yess. Jon is there. And don't lah start the jonny wosh wosh thingy again. Haha. Bila McD weii? XD
may yin: I'm not married yet lah, Miss Lee. Yeappp. More pictures coming soon! =]

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