Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Just now, I was friendster hopping. Was viewing all my ex-classmates' profiles. Emo la wei. I miss 5K so much. Miss those nonsense stuffs we do in class everyday. Singing in class. Camwhoring in class. Ahh, the good old memories.

The crazy bunch of people in my class.

Class photo of 5K 2007. I miss taking class photo wei. Emo again. =/

Program sebelum SPM. And yes, that's me frying an egg.

So cool. Red uniforms.

Primary school kids wanna-be.

Yellow looks weird. LOL.

I miss writing on my exercise book.

But most of all, I miss eating in class. Haha.

PS - 5K-ians, let's go out for mamak soon. Need to catch up with all of you la. =]]


Prince William said...

i miss gossiping about my teachers &&& of course, gossiping with them :( i also miss making particular teachers angry.
T.T me miss high school much but college is good.
ANYWAY, try Taylor Swift's Teardrops on my guitar. good thing.

JoZilla said...

ahh, yes. i miss gossiping la. and making teachers angry too. so fun. lol. college. hope mine will be good. haha.
ohhh yess, i heard that song. it's really good. =]