Saturday, December 01, 2007

My Twin.

Yesterday, I went on a group date with Moron, Grace, Cheryl, Tzi Li, Amy and Swee Vien. It was funnnn. We shall go on another group date again next time. :)

We had our lunch in a Vietnamese restaurant. And boy, it's quite costly. There goes my money. Sigh. From today onwards, I shall be a kiam siap person. :)

There in the restaurant, I found a twin of mine. All 6 of them said I looked like her. Oh well. But I think she doesn't look like me. Here's a picture of the girl.

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She's the one on the right. No, I still think she doesn't look like me.

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Look carefully. Wait, she does look like me a little bit. Haha. Maybe my long lost twin? LOL.

The rest of the pictures will be up soon. Waiting for them to send it to me. :)

And finally, a decent picture of Moron and I.

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YewChong said...

Wahaha. the new Pyramid isn't all fun.

JoZilla said...

yeah. new Pyramid is not interesting at all.

Hoong Lyn said...

yeah, she does look like you (exactly the same!)

JoZilla said...

serious ar? but i see like not really the same lah. haha.