Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Oh yeah. I am going to Langkawi tomorrow. =]

Beach! Tax free! Handsome ang moh dudes! The eagle statue!


Langkawi! Here I come!

Oh, I'm going to Penang as well. For a day only though. Why? To eat of course. HeeHee.

I'll be back on 23rd of December.

Please miss me. =]


William is a prince said...

we are leaving &&& coming back on the same day! so the ngam!
but you stay in Langkawi longer than me which is unfair. boo-hoo.
where you staying?
WAIT, i don't even know where am i staying. who knows we might just bump into each other.
IF we do, make sure you snap my picture as a proof &&& post it here [lack of attention]. LOL.
okay, that was a joke :)

Jason said...

Please miss me?? LOL

JoZilla said...

omygoodness! so ngam! haha. but you get to stay in Penang longer. Penang looks funner to me. haha.
i'm staying in Berjaya Resort i think.
LOL. you dont know where you're staying? HAHA.
i think we will bump into each other. LOL. Langkawi isn't that big afterall. haha. ohh. okayy. sure. make sure you snap mine too. =]

yeah. i know you will miss me. haha.

zuwern said...

Nevermind all that. I'll definitely miss ya! :p muakz