Monday, December 17, 2007

Combined Assembly Conference 2007.

Ohh yes. Finally, I'm updating about camp! :) I was so lazy these past few days. Very times ten to the power of billion lazy.

Camp was great. The camp speaker, Mr George Dawson was good. And I made new friends in the camp too. :)

Okay. Here are the pictures. I won't post up all the pictures lah. Some of them are too vain to be seen. Or maybe not. Haha.

In the bus.

Jason and I.

Muka bodoh aku.

In Shahzan Inn.

Amanda and I.

Kym and I.

Josiah and I.

Belinda and I.

We have the same socks!!! :) - Hazel's foot and mine.

Santa, I love you! :)

Joanne, Kym, Jonathan

Okay. I'm done with this post. Lazy to upload the rest. And no, don't ask me for a picture of the place. I didn't take any picture of Shahzan Inn. :)

Ahhh. RBS is in 9 days time. And I'll be leaving for Langkawi on Wednesday. Time to cuci mata. If you don't get it, it's okay. As long as I understand it can already lah.

Okay. Goodbye for now. =]


josiah said...

'Cuci mata'? Right. I understand. =] Haha. XP

JoZilla said...

HAHAHA! good. =]

William is a prince said...

HAHAHHA. i will cuci mata in Penang &&& then Langkawi. i cuci longer than you!
anyway, leaving to Penang on the same day you're leaving to Langkawi. i will be at Langkawi by Friday though.

JoZilla said...

HAHA! we'll both cuci mata together lah. haha. i'm going to Penang too. but for a day only lah. i'm going there on Sunday.
i think now is the Langkawi and Penang season. everyone is going to Langkawi and Penang. haha.