Sunday, November 04, 2007


Yes. I'll be away for a 3 weeks vacation. In my dreams lah of course. Haha. I must stop online-ing already lah. Seriously gotta stop it. SPM is so to the power of billion near. I don't want to commit suicide in the examination hall. So, I am going to nerd like a real nerd these few days. Yes, you can call me a nerd. For now only of course. :)

I'm not gonna update my blog anymore lah. Not until 26 November 2007. I will definitely post something on 26 November 2007. But.. Continue visiting my blog lah. You can always leave me a message in the tagboard. Or leave a comment in the comment box. And you can also feast your ears and eyes with the song and my pictures of course. And you also can help my sponsors by clicking on the advertisements as well.

So, this is it. Oh kay. I'm sounding like I'm writing some wasiat now. So I'm gonna stop crapping. Take care and bye. See you on 26 November!!!!!! :))

Ohh ohh. Wait. I forgotten the most important thing.

Good luck for your SPM, SPM-ers.
Remember to pray before you start your papers and also after finishing it, ok?

Goodbye peeps.

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