Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Birthday . .

. . JonBoy Jonathan Choy! [24 September]

Happy Sexy 17! Come back Malaysia more often, yeah? =/
[He's the one in the middle. And by the way, he's my cousin]

. . Big Bro! [25 September]

Even though you're 27 this year, you still behave like a small kid. Tsk tsk. Anyway, thanks for everything, yeah? And even though you are so much more older than me, I still love you very much, k. MUAXXX!


William said...

your brother so cute lah. LOL.

JoZilla said...

haha. cute meh?

William said...

you know, tht day i watched Black Sheep =____="
its so funny!

JoZilla said...

funny rite? so bodoh lah the sheep. can bite the fella's hands and legs off all. hahaha.