Monday, July 23, 2007


I can't resist myself from onlining everyday lah. It's so tempting. Mommy, please cut off the Streamyx. If this goes on, I can't study lah. Now also I'm struggling already.

*P.S - Please slap me if you see me onlining on the weekdays starting from tomorrow, Tuesday.

I think this is the best solution to refrain myself from onlining. Unless I ask my mom to remove the computer from my room lah. But cannot lah, later my room like so empty like that.

Sighhh. =(((


Jason said...

dont appear offline in msn also u know.. i know u always do that. if i see u online on weekdays, dowan buy u things edi! haha

JoZilla said...

i wont appear offline also. i'll just online awhile to check my blog. and reply my tagboard. then i'll off ad. i want more things. heehee!